Sunny F16 rule

Supplied by Tom Hart here is the “Sunny F16 Rule” it is a guide for correct exposure when you suspect your light meter is being fooled by the conditions or just as a piece of reasurance that you have got it right in the first place click the link and it will open in Adobe Acrobat.       …. thanks Tom.

Sunny F16 Rule

Beginners guide to exposure

Here are a couple of links to YouTube videos that explain the basic things to understanding photography:

Exposure basics part 1 exposure triangle

Exposure basics part 2 what are stops?

Exposure Basics part 3 Depth of Field

Exposure basics part 4 Shutter speed

Exposure basics part 5 aperture values

Exposure basics part 6 Auto ISO basics

anyone have any questions can speak to me on club nights or email me via the contacts page.

more basics to come over the next few weeks.

New members

Hi All,

just thought I would give you a couple of links for those starting out or those who are looking for some help improving their photography.

Follow this link for some of the easiest to understand training online

And whilst you are there you can download the basic training course that Mike has put together for only £17.99 well worth every penny. your will learn more in a couple of hours with Mike than you will learn in a year on your own.

You can view Mike’s other fantastic videos on learning camera controls here plus over 100 other photography videos

Photography biz courses.

and for lots of videos on processing your images in “Lightroom” try YuriFineart on youtube

And if you believe you cant do it because you dont have fancy gear sit back watch this video and see what a “PRO” can do with a toy CLICK HERE


Model shoot and mount cutters and cutting

first of all some videos to view what we are going to be doing next week:

and here are a few about last weeks subject mounts and mount cutting:

the one i use

And one similar but narrower than Ian’s


where to buy Newcastle for best prices CLICK HERE


And a PDF book from Logan about picture framing for you to download  CLICK HERE


Fireworks video supplied by Roy

basic photography skills from Matt Granger

Here is a link to Matt Grangers 1st series called “Educating Tina” starts at the beging and follows Tina’s development as a photographer.


Inkjet printing Masterclass videos

HAve a look at these videos on getting the best from an inkjet printer CLICK HERE to view

Light values without exposure meter

Attached is a pdf giving light value calculation to put you near the correct exposure for when your do not have a light meter or the one in your camera can not cope with the conditions you find yourself in.


Camera skills & Photography basics Videos

Some videos to help beginners getting started in photography:-

Exposure basics

Depth of Field

Hyper Focal Distance

White Balance

Macro lens equipment for starters

Macro subjects and ideas 1

Macro subjects and ideas 2

Basics of photography composition

Follow these in order down the page for best understanding, I will post more as I find them.

Colormunki video

Training video for Colormunki photo