Sharpening in lightroom

attached are my notes from tuesday evening, print them off and keep by your computer for next time you are using lightroom.


Lightroom tips from last week’s talk

lightroom tips link to pdf

ISO is a fake idea?

This was brought to my attention by competition sec, it explains why no 2 cameras get the same results when set to the same ISO and that it is a fake concept which has been manipulated by camera companies for the sake of their sales.

Food Photography

Following on from last tuesdays talk the powerpoint notes are now on the members only page and the links to the videos are

Andrew scrivani there are also others if you search by his name.

Photographing food with natural light

tips and tricks for food photography

Printing your own images

following on from IAn & Mortons presentation here is their powerpoint as a movie if you wish to read things more clearly just PAUSE your video playing software.

CLICK here for video

Cheat sheet and keyboard shortcuts for Lightroom and Photoshop

This has come curtosy of Kath, thanks Kath (don’t use full names for security reasons)

its a pdf of cheat sheet and keyboard short cuts for Photoshop & Lightroom.


Practical Photography camera school discounts

Practical Photography magazine are still running their Camera School course if you sign up via this link before 31st December 2017 for the DIGITAL version for Ipad or Anderoid for the cost £15.50 including 6 months subscription to magazine.

Print version is £22.00
Digital & print combined £27.00

and you also qualify for a FREE copy of their book costs £15.00 on Amazon. cant see how you can lose!!!!



internet resources for photographers

After last tuesdays talk here are the links to the different organisations and people I follow on youtube and across the net.

(all web addresses need to be COPIED & PASTED into browser bar).

Monthly subscriptions and fee charging courses;


also free tutorials from;

the main man for general tuition and explinations of everything photographic Mike Browne

Canon, Profoto, tamron & nikon.

on youtube:



Simon Baxter (woodlands)

Thomaas Heaton (landscape & philosophy)

Craig Roberts (good teacher for basic and imternediate level)

Sean Tucker (my guru?)

Square frame composition

Robin has kindly put together this presentation video for your information and help. use the pause button and go back to read something of intrest.

Square Frame Composition

beginers photo course

links for some alternate course videos.