Monthly Archives: October 2017

Cheat sheet and keyboard shortcuts for Lightroom and Photoshop

This has come curtosy of Kath, thanks Kath (don’t use full names for security reasons)

its a pdf of cheat sheet and keyboard short cuts for Photoshop & Lightroom.


Ideas for special effects competition

Compsec has asked me to put up the following demo gallery of images selected from the internet and descriptions for you. title, equipment and technique employed at top of each image you can pause the slideshow by clicking on the image and restart by clicking again.

Alien.jpgAs the earth turns.jpgBraw brecht moonlecht necht.jpgBudapest tram.jpgClavie Crew.jpgdouble-exposure.jpgElla and hands.jpgEruption.JPGLennon split toned.jpgLight streaks.jpgMotion Blur.jpgNot your average star trails.jpgParallel Lines.jpgpolarization.jpgPowder-burst.jpgShades of Day.jpgSkyline.jpgSpeed demons.jpgSpooky steps.jpgStreetart Reflections.jpgThe last dram.jpgThe Leap.jpgTo carefully go where no one...jpgWheels on Fire.jpgZoomscape.jpg

Practical Photography camera school discounts

Practical Photography magazine are still running their Camera School course if you sign up via this link before 31st December 2017 for the DIGITAL version for Ipad or Anderoid for the cost £15.50 including 6 months subscription to magazine.

Print version is £22.00
Digital & print combined £27.00

and you also qualify for a FREE copy of their book costs £15.00 on Amazon. cant see how you can lose!!!!