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2017/18 Portfolio competition (CLUB MEMBERS ONLY)


A definition of a portfolio
A collection of works or documents that are representative of a person’s skills and accomplishments.
The competition invites members to submit a portfolio of digital images which covers a range of photographic genres – both technical and creative.
Competition details
Please submit a portfolio of five images – each image matching one of the genres below i.e. you will choose 5 of the 7 genres.

At least one of your five entries must be a monochrome image and at least one other must be a low-light/night-time image.
Sample portfolios
We have attached some sample portfolios to demonstrate how these criteria might be applied.
Portfolio Sample 1 (see attached image files) Portfolio Sample 2 (see attached image files)
Boag Portfolio 1 Abstract
Boag Portfolio 2 Close-up
Boag Portfolio 3 Man-made + Low-light
Boag Portfolio 4 Nature
Boag Portfolio 5 People + Monochrome
Maxwell Portfolio 1 Wide-angle + Monochrome
Maxwell Portfolio 2 Man-made
Maxwell Portfolio 3 Close-up
Maxwell Portfolio 4 Nature + Low-light
Maxwell Portfolio 5 People

Your images must meet the standard competition size 1400(wide) x 1050(tall), images have too been taken no more than two years prior to the entry date which is February 20 2018.
When naming your files in your chosen sequence please use this system:
Surname Portfolio 1, Surname Portfolio 2, Surname Portfolio 3 etc.
As in previous years, the Portfolio competition will be judged by the members.
The portfolios will be projected anonymously on the Judging Night and members will be invited to score them for both technical and aesthetic merit.


Robin portfolio

Ian portfolio