As part of this year’s Book & Arts Festival, Nairn Camera Club is hosting a new community event. Over a single day – Friday June 30th 2017 – we’re inviting everyone living in Nairnshire to pick up your cameras (any camera, phone or tablet) and show us your life, your place.

However much the place we live in means to us – it can be hard to convey our feelings to other people who may see that place in a different light. It’s easy to see the surface of things – the familiar landmarks, the abandoned corners, the realities of the daily routine.

Photography can help us to dig deeper, beneath appearances. Photographs can reveal what often goes overlooked or unseen. Photographs can be answers to the question “What’s it like living here?” This event offers a unique opportunity to reflect different lived experiences; to tell a more complete story of the lives lived in a place.

You’ll then have an opportunity to submit your favourite shots to an online gallery curated by the club from our website. This gallery that will form part of a Festival Week exhibition alongside a display of prints of selected photographs.  Together they’ll tell a community’s story.

We’ll be posting full details of how to submit your photographs to the gallery and exhibition on June 12th. You can also find us on Facebook at Nairn One Day  “@nairnoneday” where we’ll post regular image previews and lots more.

ENTRY FORM & RULES click here