Nairn Camera Club is for beginners and experienced photographers alike and meets at the Nairn Community & Arts centre on Tuesday evenings from the 4th September 2018
at 7.30pm.  You are most welcome to join us.

Here is an example of our work the “Light & Shade album” from summer 2017

1.pretty in white-154447.jpg10.patterns.jpg11.MG -  Light %26 Shade 3.jpg12.Wheels in wheels.jpg13.Mill wheel.jpg14.DSC_7136.jpg15.Early Morning Light and Shade.JPG16.DSC_2504.jpg17.DSC_7477.jpg18.DSC_1735.jpg19.DSC_0651.jpg2.shadows.jpg20.MG - Light %26 Shade 2.jpg21.Almeria garden.jpg22.backlit.jpg23.P1130807.jpg24.P1130807-2.jpg25.DSC_4755.jpg26.DSC_5597.jpg27.DSC_5899.jpg28.DSC_2417.jpg29.Apple of her Eye.jpg3.Inv oldest house.jpg30.Life`s a beach in Almeria.jpg31.My face appears to be in the shade.jpg32.2017 .Aboyne Highland Games - 090.jpg33.2017 Grantown show - Sheep - 25.jpg34.Oh shucks.jpg35.DSC_3522.jpg36.DSC_8134.jpg37.DSC_2384.jpg38.DSC_4688.jpg39.DSC_6026.jpg4.Lines and shadows.jpg40.DSC_3617.jpg41.DSC_5429.jpg42.DSC_5703.jpg43.Light and Shade 1.JPG44.Light and shade.jpg45.Hunterian treasure.jpg46.Pain.jpg47.Back to Front (resized).jpg48.selfie.jpg5.IMG_3089.JPG6.behind bars.jpg7.Light and Shade 2.JPG8.MG - Light %26 Shade 1.jpg9.BTM co.jpg